Enjoying Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory via a Moka Pot

Using a moka pot to make Cafe du Monde Coffee and Chicory requires a few special steps. And don’t forget to accessorize properly for optimal results.

There’s a trick to making it work

Love making my morning coffee with a moka pot. (We have a fully-automatic espresso machine, a french press, a pour-over setup, and a drip machine, but deploying our trusty old-world moka pot named Paolo imparts a special character.)

And I was delighted to find cans of Cafe du Monde’s Coffee and Chicory at a little grocery/everything store in Waialua called Waialua Fresh. (My favorite place to buy papayas and apple bananas and butter lettuce and arugula and mint.)

A moka pot works best with finely ground coffee, whereas Cafe du Monde canned coffee is quite coarse (and can be a little bitter).

Since the canned coffee is so coarse, and a bit bitter, there are a couple of “hacks” that I have found work pretty well:

  1. Fill the moka pot up to the safety valve with very hot water (just shy of boiling) which will help prevent over-heating the grounds during the brewing process, which will reduce bitterness.
  2. Go ahead and over-fill and tamp the grounds in the filter basket (normally a moka- pot no-no, but in this case it is needed due to the coarse grind)
  3. Use as low a heat on the burner as you can get away with (so the coffee comes out of the spout in a thick black drizzle), and remove it from heat the second it starts “gurgling” towards the end of the brewing.
  4. Even if you normally drink black, as I do, consider a little sweetener to counter-balance any bitterness. (I like condensed milk, which lasts forever in the fridge if kept in a lidded pyrex bowl.)
  5. (optional, but recommended) For a more authentic Cafe du Monde experience, enjoy your coffee while wearing Mardi Gras beads.


  1. I tried using the hot water hack. However, it did not work. Apparently, my Bialetti thinks that, if there is already hot water in the pot, it does not need to push it up through the grounds. When I used cold water, it worked great and I did not find it bitter whatsoever.
    I use two Keurig pods of Pike Place in my Keurig and use 8 ounces of water. I use 4 ounces of water in my Bialetti and fill the filter basket to the top with the Cafe Du Monde. I put the two together, use a little Coffee Mate and one Sweet n Low. Pure Heaven.

  2. Never thought to MIX it with regular coffee, will try that! And I assume you wear mardi gras beads?

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