IMO fatal flaws – OrchestraOne practice management for therapists

  • OrchestraOne touts a flat $20/month cost but (literally) hides huge extra costs on their pricing page that makes it 10x – 20x more expensive even for modest practices. Their “3% for payment processing and $5 per insurance claim submission” is not unreasonable, but it IS (literally) hidden on their Pricing page in a way that I consider outright misleading. see for yourself I assumed it was an oversight, but a month later they still hide that pricing on their pricing page.

  • No self-pay under client control. Hard to believe, but they don’t support clients managing their own credit card info.

    • In order for a client to make a copayment via credit card, the client must give you their card info to store, then you have to initiate the charge. Better systems provide a way (such as base don Stripe Checkout) that lets the client click a link, enter their payment info for that one transaction, and optionally store the info at Stripe for next time.)
  • Literally zero support for any kind of group sessions, much less the full ability to book arbitrary client for a Tuesday night drop-in support groups.

  • No data export feature. They say it is coming, but a database-centric product without data export on Day One is a red flag.

  • Feature-poor. It’s a young product, with IMO far too many shortcomings to be viable for a real practice. Their feature requests page includes such basics as:

    • no support for patient intake/history forms in client portal
    • no ability to sign notes
    • no ability for patient to opt out of SMS reminders
    • no ability for clients to upload docs to their portal (prior lab results for example)
    • no client search by phone or email

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