I always though this was kind of obvious, but a number of friends thought this was clever so I’ll pass it along…

Last week I was supposed to return from NYC (Newark, the *only *airport to use when flying to/from NYC) via Denver back to Spokane. Weather delays the morning of the flight meant not only would we miss our connection in Denver, we could not get a flight the next day either. So we’d be stranded in Denver, on our nickel (no vouchers, since weather delay).

When that happens, I look at the upcoming flights, pick a place I’d much prefer to be stranded instead (San Francisco in this case), and without exception I get the flight I want if (a) there are seats and (b) if it’s closer to my destination than where I’m starting from (e.g., the right general direction) and (c) I point out they won’t be giving me vouchers so the least they can do is send me where I have friends to stay with.

So the next day, my daughter and I had a nice day in San Francisco, saw some friends, ate some dim sum and tapas… essentially a free round-trip for two to SF compliments of United.

Squeeze that lemon.