I tried Apple News+ on trial and IMO it sucked so bad I unsubscribed during the free trial.

Why #1? Ads. LOTS of ads. A ridiculous number of ads for a PAID service. Sometimes a new ad scrolls up almost immediately after the current ad scrolls off. Downright dystopian IMO. A short article can easily have 5 ads, and a longer article… well, forget about it.

Why #2? Copying of text snippets and zooming images are disabled on the Apple News App. (Possibly the only app on mac that doesnt support either copying text snippets nor zooming images.)

Simply put, reading most articles in a web browser is a far superior experience. (Even without an ad-blocker.)

But I do find the Apple News app useful on a Mac to quickly gather a list of timely new articles.

My solution is google the headline to find and read the original article online and read it from the source.

Of course, some articles will be paywalled. But a surprising number of the articles that Apple paywalls behind its lousy News+ subscription are not paywalled if you simply google the headline.

Too lazy to re-type the headline (since Apple disabled Copy)? On a Mac you can use the outstanding $29 app CleanShotX which has an excellent “grab text” feature to copy the text to your clipboard, then you can google the headline!

CleanShot X can grab TEXT off your screen

CleanShot X can grab TEXT off your screen so "snag" the headline and google it