Remember when GHW Bush “flubbing” the “price of milk” question supposedly meant he was out of touch which supposedly meant he was less fit to be President than some yahoo who’d memorized his or her last grocery receipt?

Such despicable nonsense from the main-scream media. We expect the President of the USA to be focussed upon somewhat bigger issues.

Along those lines, in last night’s debate I wish Biden has been coached to focus on replies like:

I’m the President. I find the best people to do excellent work for the citizens of this country. That’s what you pay me for.


My opponent on the other hand is determined to undermine the public institutions that make this country the best. He didn’t stop with the the Supreme Court. He tried to appoint someone to run the National Weather Service who is financially motivated to cripple the National Weather Service. And appointed a guy to run the US Postal Service who is finanicially motivated to crippled the Postal Service’s ability to deliver your mail to you. Those were the furthest thing possible from trying to keep America great… those appointments where political croneyism paying off political IOUs to the very people who are most motivated to gut specific public institutions.


We all remember when my opponent appointed his woefully under-qualified son-in-law to “bring peace to the Middle East”? Talk about embarrassing the USA on the world stage! Using the Presidency of the USA to appoint such a novice was an appalling and pathetic example of self-dealing. Of course his family came out of that debacle just fine, handsomely rewarded with a 2 billion dollar investment from the Saudis.