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When cache is king

Caching is a fine thing. Except when its not. After updating some audio that is played to people who phone our Twilio app, we ran into an issue with callers still hearing the old prompts. Our app manages jillions of … Continue reading

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Why they call it “white” water rafting

Lochsa river was running 11,400 cfps. A nice, wet time was had by all. Guided by ROW.

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Using Heroku ENV config vars with Settings.yml

The guys discovered today how to include Heroku config variables in the settings.yml file. It was working for simple constants like 10, but was crashing the app when the constant was something more complex, like a URL. There are a … Continue reading

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My favorite guerilla marketing story (so far)

I get asked if there was a truly pivotal moment that led to my last IPO, a moment where everything hung in the balance, when sheer determination tipped the scale. Here’s the moment that comes to mind… Once upon a … Continue reading

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