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Buzzbeeper is a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost cloud-based service that gives your customers a fun, 10-second survey to find out how you’re doing (via text message, twitter, or telephone). And when a customer isn’t happy, it “beeps” you before they even … Continue reading

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“Baba Pardner’s Yoga-in-a-cup Chai”

Sometimes I bring a thermos of chai to yoga class (or meetings). According to my scientific guesstimates, drinking one cup of chai is equivalent to 23.4 sun salutations. Here’s my recipe that makes 8 cups. In 8 cups of cold … Continue reading

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Adding SSL to an app hosted at Heroku

[POST UPDATED 9/7/2012 TO REFLECT NEW HEROKU SSL ENDPOINT SETUP] A friend needed some help adding SSL to their custom-domain-name app hosted at Heroku, and it wasn’t entirely trivial. We found bits and pieces in several places, but never found … Continue reading

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A haiku for heroku

Web complexity managed with such elegance. Git deployment rocks. The only problem with using Heroku intensively is that you come to expect everything to be deployable with git. Sadness follows.

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Someday we may fail to find the images we need on istockphoto. But not today.

Huge selection of photo and vector art, good search/lightbox capability, low cost, essentially unlimited use (for many purposes), easy pay ‘n download. My favorite feature? Ability to download reasonably clean watermarked comps so we can play around with storyboards and … Continue reading

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Web CSS templates that did not disappoint…

Often a friend will ask me to help them with ideas for their website. Most of the time a turnkey pre-built website offered by most hosting providers will suffice, so that’s what they end up doing. But last week a … Continue reading

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Great support from a surprising corner: Godaddy

Actually it’s not surprising, their 24×7 support is excellent, and they have mastered the art of turning support calls into selling updates, renewals, and upgrades. But yesterday was interesting. I called about a slight issue I had installing an app … Continue reading

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Lemons to lemonade when the airline strands you

I always though this was kind of obvious, but a number of friends thought this was clever so I’ll pass it along… Last week I was supposed to return from NYC (Newark, the only airport to use when flying to/from … Continue reading

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Outsourcing success tidbits

Last year we did a pretty cool “local O2O” (Online-to-Offline) project with a local TV station. The budget and timeframe were tight. And this project simply begged to be done with Ruby on Rails for a host of reasons. We … Continue reading

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IMO Tropo not ready for prime time. Went with Twilio.

Subtitle: “When you are betting your ass on a platform, if you have a choice of platforms, bet on the company that has to deliver an actual working solution to survive, not on a company for whom the platform is … Continue reading

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